4 Things to Know About Stretching

Christopher Jackson
October 27, 2016

Remember your physical education classes at school or in your sport on Wednesday afternoon.

The teacher told you all the time he needed to stretch. Yet nobody wanted to!

Why ?

Perhaps simply because the stretches are not as useful as that …

So what are the real effects of stretching? Here are answers to four questions that I get asked most often about stretching.

Can Stretching Really Make You More Flexible?

YES because if your body stiffens, you will end fairly quickly your core flexibility.

Many people have all kinds of muscle issues that they don’t even know about but can cause serious issues if not addressed.

For example, hip flexor tightness can end up causing serious problems for your entire body if not addressed

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Health Form

Let me explain: most people do not move much either at home or at work and do not use their flexibility. Suddenly, their body stiffens. By doing regular light stretching, flexibility back.

YES also for younger that can improve their flexibility quicker.

NOT for people already active, that move during the day at work or sport. Stretching will not gain flexibility, unless they are made very often and at great length (which almost nobody does).

After Sport, Can It Diminish Aches?

NO, it is a widely held belief and it is wrong!

Aches are small lesions of the muscles and their envelopes (myo-fascial). Do stretches certainly will not “cure” these lesions but, on the contrary, could increase the …

While some athletes feel their report less muscle pain after stretching, it is simply because in strongly stretching their muscles, they have the “sleepy”.

In short, the pain is there but the body perceives a little less for a few hours.

You may want to consider a massage instead to relieve pain!!!!

Should I Stretch to Warm Up?

NO, stop to stretch before sports. While most top athletes have finally stopped to stretch before exercise, many ametuer altheletes continue.

Not only is it a waste of time but, in addition, it increases the risk of muscle injury!

Prolonged stretching “asleep” muscles and deprive the arrival of fresh blood. This is exactly the opposite of what is sought in the warm …

It is much more efficient to repeated movements more and more, so-called ballistic movements, overheating (such as heel / buttocks or knees lifted, for example).

Only some sports require flexibility to warm up, stretch THEN TO RE-warm as: dance, gymnastics, rock climbing, etc.

Can Stretching Help You To Recover Quicker?

Yes, stretching is especially helpful for relaxation. Whether sitting or stretching after exercise, stretching are really effective to relax and learn to control his state of tension (muscle tone).

After sport, it is important to relax to the maximum to recover better. It’s the best kept secret of great sports: namely reduce its state of tension and to “relax” apart from training and competition.

To do so, you better wait until the body naturally gets fifteen minutes after exercise. Then, breathing well, you can stretch and SLOWLY BY SHORT REPEATS (about 10 seconds). You will feel soothed and feel your muscles relaxed. Your recovery will be better.

Ergonomic Gaming

Ergonomic keyboardsErgonomics through the years the definition of hasn’t changed meaning, it indicates the same today which it did 50 years ago when it was fully known as an expression and use.

Nevertheless it was not until the 2000’s that colleges began to offer it as being a course of study towards a masters degree, though its history goes back to ancient Greece.

Ergonomics needless to say is the study of designing equipment that suits the body in physical and cognitive connotations. Where once ergonomics was simply thought of as just keyboard trays and wrist rests, like everything else in the past many years, it’s evolved significantly.

Now ergonomics has become a course study in but not only psychology but physiology & behavioral sciences too. It has become an area of medical concern, a workman’s compensation standard and something most employers take seriously and tend to be willing to pay for if you can demonstrate a requirement (yes, you may even be able convince your manager to order you the Best Massage Chair money can buy for work, without worrying about them telling you off for being obtuse)!

Ergonomics has grown to be more than simply physical security in the workplace, but has branched out into all kinds of other industries. Though it is within the work place that we think of ergonomics the most, and while innovations are being made there, they’re also being produced in gaming ergonomics also, along with some crossover.

For example, many people ask the question: “What Is The Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100?” for main reason being that they want to be able to carry on their hobby, but are well aware that intense usage of computer products without considering the ergonomic aspects to it, can seriously harm many parts of your body.

For instance, you can cause a number of different issues including:

this is only a small list of potential problems that arise from poor ergonomics.

Gaming is also one of those hobbies that can really grab you and you end up playing for a long time without even noticing that 5 hours have passed since you built that last police station in Sim City, believe me, I know!!!

How to improve ergonomics in your gaming situation?

Well, as previously mentioned, getting yourself an ergonomic keyboard specifically designed for gaming will significantly improve your situation.

You can also think about investing in an ergonomic chair with may improve your overall posture and actually be useful to you outside of your hobby, especially if you work from home.

To sum it all up…

No matter what kinds of things you are doing or what your hobbies are, be they running, cycling or even computer gaming; ergonomics is an incredibly important part of our lives and we really have o start seriously considering it if we want to remain healthy and keep our joints supple into old age.