4 Things to Know About Stretching

Christopher Jackson
October 27, 2016

Remember your physical education classes at school or in your sport on Wednesday afternoon.

The teacher told you all the time he needed to stretch. Yet nobody wanted to!

Why ?

Perhaps simply because the stretches are not as useful as that …

So what are the real effects of stretching? Here are answers to four questions that I get asked most often about stretching.

Can Stretching Really Make You More Flexible?

YES because if your body stiffens, you will end fairly quickly your core flexibility.

Many people have all kinds of muscle issues that they don’t even know about but can cause serious issues if not addressed.

For example, hip flexor tightness can end up causing serious problems for your entire body if not addressed

Please include attribution to http://www.healthform.org/ with this graphic.

Health Form

Let me explain: most people do not move much either at home or at work and do not use their flexibility. Suddenly, their body stiffens. By doing regular light stretching, flexibility back.

YES also for younger that can improve their flexibility quicker.

NOT for people already active, that move during the day at work or sport. Stretching will not gain flexibility, unless they are made very often and at great length (which almost nobody does).

After Sport, Can It Diminish Aches?

NO, it is a widely held belief and it is wrong!

Aches are small lesions of the muscles and their envelopes (myo-fascial). Do stretches certainly will not “cure” these lesions but, on the contrary, could increase the …

While some athletes feel their report less muscle pain after stretching, it is simply because in strongly stretching their muscles, they have the “sleepy”.

In short, the pain is there but the body perceives a little less for a few hours.

You may want to consider a massage instead to relieve pain!!!!

Should I Stretch to Warm Up?

NO, stop to stretch before sports. While most top athletes have finally stopped to stretch before exercise, many ametuer altheletes continue.

Not only is it a waste of time but, in addition, it increases the risk of muscle injury!

Prolonged stretching “asleep” muscles and deprive the arrival of fresh blood. This is exactly the opposite of what is sought in the warm …

It is much more efficient to repeated movements more and more, so-called ballistic movements, overheating (such as heel / buttocks or knees lifted, for example).

Only some sports require flexibility to warm up, stretch THEN TO RE-warm as: dance, gymnastics, rock climbing, etc.

Can Stretching Help You To Recover Quicker?

Yes, stretching is especially helpful for relaxation. Whether sitting or stretching after exercise, stretching are really effective to relax and learn to control his state of tension (muscle tone).

After sport, it is important to relax to the maximum to recover better. It’s the best kept secret of great sports: namely reduce its state of tension and to “relax” apart from training and competition.

To do so, you better wait until the body naturally gets fifteen minutes after exercise. Then, breathing well, you can stretch and SLOWLY BY SHORT REPEATS (about 10 seconds). You will feel soothed and feel your muscles relaxed. Your recovery will be better.

Non-stick pans are not safe. Rumor or reality?

Christopher Jackson
May 8, 2016

palace-of-the-fans-1195360_640Here at Les 3 Vignobles, we are always looking for things that can makes us healthier…but also exploring those that take our health away.

AS such, I have had several folks ask me the same question over and over again:

Are non stick pans safe or not?

So are they safe?

Look at your non-stick pans collection and think what you would have done without them. You would have been really fine without them. Believe it or not, there was a time when non-stick pans were not yet invented and cooks were doing just fine without them!

But today is different, we advancing in all departments and cooking techniques need efficiency where appliances are concerned.

Other products

So apart from just pots and pans, what other kinds of things can affect our health?

Well have you considered the metal in you cutting knives? Although they are usually OK in the more expensive versions, cheaper ones can have a huge effect on our health.

There is also the lessor known fact of the actual handles that they are made of…are they food safe?

I know that for example, this Victorinox knife set has what is known as Fibrox handles…aka a very strong ergonomic plastic that holds up very well to heat.

However…and this is a biggie, you are better off going for a knife that either has a corrosion free, metal handle, or possible even wood.

Back to the meat 😉

We have recently heard a lot of debate about non-sticks being harmful for health but what we need to know is if it is really true and why.

Unfortunately, it is true.

Yes, we are exposed to harmful fumes when using non-stick pans but this is only true for Teflon based non-stick pans. Good news is there are a lot of other non-stick appliances available out there that we can still use. For example, anodized aluminum non-sticks.

Check out this video:

What to do straight away

What you need to do is avoid buying TFOA based non-stick pans because it liquefies and gets mixed with food posing health risks.

Fumes that are given off are not just bad for you but really bad for pet birds if you own any. Yes, if you have a bird that is your cooking partner in the house, never use Teflon based non-stick pans because they can kill your birds as per recent research.

Why can’t we avoid non-stick pans altogether? We can. But non-sticks are convenient for high protein food that sticks to pans at high flames. Trust me, it’s next to impossible to tear them off once they get stuck. So n on-stick is a must for foods like eggs, pancakes, risottos etc. A good initiative towards safe cooking would be to use these pans where absolutely necessary only.

Here are a few tips for using non-stick pans

Keep an eye on your pans because they start chipping off with time. That is the point where you absolutely should get rid of them and look for new cookware. At most they are good to go for a couple of years but not more.

Keep your metal utensils away from these pans because they scratch on the coating which could eventually lead on contaminating the food being cooked in them. Also, avoid using aerosol spray oils.

For the same reason, avoid using metal pads for scrubbing them off while washing. Instead use nylon based pads that wouldn’t damage the coating.

There aren’t many alternatives to non-stick pans out there but the least we can do to minimize health risks is to be mindful when using them.

Massage To kick Your Workout To The Next Level

1_38Massage chairs have the potential to be a considerable investment, especially if you find yourself getting more and more achy after a long workout. In fact some of the best fitness freaks splurge in sports massage, so buying a massage chair could be the next best thing.

Therefore, it’s important to perform some investigation in advance and check out some massage chair reviews

Your decision to get a massage chair is normally impacted by your requirements and spending plan. Questioning some right concerns to find out your needs before making the buying will help you produce the ideal option.

A massage chair is created specifically to enhance the stress points in the body and unwind parts of your muscles. A properly designed massage chair must supply you relief from pain along with complete relaxation. The two most typical styles of massage chair are Shiatsu and Swedish massage chairs.

Shiatsu massage chairs work with a mixture of movements to enhance the body’s pressure points from the help of pushing, patting, sweeping, rolling, and rotation movements, while Swedish massage chairs use long and smooth strokes in addition to kneading motion.

What Are Benefits Of Using a Massage Chair?

Knowing the great things about a product like massage chair can stress the requirement for that product and educate you towards its crucial. The benefits of having a good massage chair are manifold specifically for your wellbeing. Here are a few of the most common benefits:

  • Totally flexibility from stress and deep relaxation
  • Relief from stiffness and tension in muscles
  • Decline in body stress and muscle spasm
  • Better joint flexibility and wider mobility
  • Enhanced versatility and effective movement
  • Lowered high blood pressure levels
  • Better blood circulation

Can Anyone Use A Massage Chair?

Now you are aware of the great things about massage chairs, maybe you are thinking about knowing who can make use of it. Well, massage chairs are normally intended for a normal height of 5’10”.

So, for anybody who is much taller or much shorter than this height, we suggest you offer the massage chair a try before purchasing it.

Ask the massage chair sales representative to help you find out the controls to help you affect the position from the different nodes and rollers for maximum benefit.

Certain brands, including Panasonic offer massage chairs that immediately adjust to your height by picking up the top your shoulders when seated.

If you’re over 6 feet high or cope with knee, hip, or lower spinal pain then don’t buy a massage chair which is extremely low down.

What features should the massage chair have?

Having a large amount of functions in your massage chair can often mean paying a greater dollar. Most of the time, a lot of people utilize only a few specific functions regularly.

Pick a massage chair with features that fit specifications. For ex: people are at risk of muscle stress and stiffness, then you certainly must buy a massage chair that provides excellent physical therapeutic massage to your overall body or certain division of your body.

An illustration of this this is the Isymphonic massage chair that’s been created to be exclusively great at the shoulder and neck areas.

Panasonic’s Pro Elite is sold with airbags in the recliners arms that inflatable and deflate to massage the neck and shoulder places.

A few other chairs include air bags that increase and deflate in the legs and foot area, while some have them in the small of the back, hip, and buttocks areas.

When evaluating the massage chair, likewise pay unique care about the stress or power of the massage offered. Though the strength of the massage can be adjusted according to individual preference, you should sit in the chair for a minimum of Quarter-hour to establish that the pressure and comfort are ideal.

If you want to sit down together with your legs on a higher level, then inspect if the massage chair has an expandable leg rest or an ottoman.

Where Should You Squeeze Massage Chair?

Since you have actually tested the massage chair and probably composed your mind with regards to which chair to purchase, the time is right to think about where one can keep your chair. Since massage chairs are large, they need more room.

Usually, a bed room or a office at home is regarded as the popular choice for placing massage chair in. Discuss with persons that happen to be using the massage chair making sure that the place where you keep the chair works for them or not.

Reclining massage chairs can’t remain with their backside in close proximity to a wall. A superior notion is always to look at the space where you’d desire to place the massage chair prior to selecting.

You are able to likewise seek the strategies of your chair salesperson to find out the region required for your massage chair.

If you’re unsure wherever you’ll place the chair, you might want to acquire one with added wheels like the Ijoy.

Not only will you move it from one space to another but likewise keep it out of sight when not being used. But if you’re working with an area crunch, then choose a transportable massage cushion. Though much less abundant in features as a regular massage chair, the cushion can be put on virtually any chair and is also an easy task to stow away.


A decent massage chair will give you years of great use, and also be able to extend your workouts by kneading your muscles and getting you ready for another workout.

I hope this helps you and remember, keep on at it!

Group Fitness

group fitnessWhile groups can pressure us to do the stupid things they can also push us to reach our potential. This is even more true when it comes to getting fit. I recently joined a class for group fitness in The Woodlands, and I’ve made some discoveries about the advantages and drawbacks to training in a group setting. Firstly, they are quite popular right now. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t take group fitness courses because they are trendy, you should take them because they are a very effective way to change your body. Here are some guidelines for what to look for in a group fitness class.

It Keeps You Motivated

Unless you’re that rare person that can wake up at the crack of dawn and get moving, odds are that getting and staying motivated are tough for you. You’re not alone. Nearly all the people I Have worked with over the years have had the same difficulty. That is one of the best aspects of the group setting. A lot of people that attend a course will show up worn out from the trials of everyday life. But once they get started with the group, they become focused and renewed. With a friendly fitness teacher there to light a fire under you rear, it can not get any better.

Easy to Get In To

You may feel overwhelmed when trying to decide what gym equipment to utilize, for how long, and for repetitions when heading to the gym. Group fitness classes are a “no-planning demanded” solution for obtaining a fantastic workout with guided instruction and suggestions from a fitness instructor. All you need to do is be there and ready to work!


Another advantage of a group fitness classes are that you have both your classmates and your fintess instructor pushing you to achieve your goals. It’s truly motivating knowing that others are keeping you accountable and it’s your responsibility to show them you are committed.


As members ditch the solo work out in favor of exercising in a group fitness classes such as yoga, body pump and Zumba are popular choices in most fitness centers. Many fitness centers now offer Crossfit style group courses as well that are objective more towards those of above average fitness levels. The range of classes available has the additional benefit of assisting you to achieve a more well-rounded training regimen.

Select Sensibly

With all these participants, it can be difficult for an instructor to give everyone enough individual attention to ensure you’re performing the exercises right. And without exclusive coaching or supervision, the exercises are far less efficient and may even lead to injuries.

Ergonomic Gaming

Ergonomic keyboardsErgonomics through the years the definition of hasn’t changed meaning, it indicates the same today which it did 50 years ago when it was fully known as an expression and use.

Nevertheless it was not until the 2000’s that colleges began to offer it as being a course of study towards a masters degree, though its history goes back to ancient Greece.

Ergonomics needless to say is the study of designing equipment that suits the body in physical and cognitive connotations. Where once ergonomics was simply thought of as just keyboard trays and wrist rests, like everything else in the past many years, it’s evolved significantly.

Now ergonomics has become a course study in but not only psychology but physiology & behavioral sciences too. It has become an area of medical concern, a workman’s compensation standard and something most employers take seriously and tend to be willing to pay for if you can demonstrate a requirement (yes, you may even be able convince your manager to order you the Best Massage Chair money can buy for work, without worrying about them telling you off for being obtuse)!

Ergonomics has grown to be more than simply physical security in the workplace, but has branched out into all kinds of other industries. Though it is within the work place that we think of ergonomics the most, and while innovations are being made there, they’re also being produced in gaming ergonomics also, along with some crossover.

For example, many people ask the question: “What Is The Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100?” for main reason being that they want to be able to carry on their hobby, but are well aware that intense usage of computer products without considering the ergonomic aspects to it, can seriously harm many parts of your body.

For instance, you can cause a number of different issues including:

this is only a small list of potential problems that arise from poor ergonomics.

Gaming is also one of those hobbies that can really grab you and you end up playing for a long time without even noticing that 5 hours have passed since you built that last police station in Sim City, believe me, I know!!!

How to improve ergonomics in your gaming situation?

Well, as previously mentioned, getting yourself an ergonomic keyboard specifically designed for gaming will significantly improve your situation.

You can also think about investing in an ergonomic chair with may improve your overall posture and actually be useful to you outside of your hobby, especially if you work from home.

To sum it all up…

No matter what kinds of things you are doing or what your hobbies are, be they running, cycling or even computer gaming; ergonomics is an incredibly important part of our lives and we really have o start seriously considering it if we want to remain healthy and keep our joints supple into old age.

Cycling For Cardio

cycling-800834_640Cardio, short for cardiovascular, is a term referring to the blood circulation through the heart and blood vessels around the body. Cardio workouts are exercises challenging the endurance of an individual which makes the heart pump more blood that carries nutrients and oxygen. One of the best cardio workout enjoyed by many is cycling.

At the gym, cycling is often a standard item but this activity isn’t limited to indoor. Biking is a great way to hit two birds with one stone, get from point A to point B and stay active while doing it. Biking provide many benefits for your health such as making your legs work, not adding to much pressure on the joint, and allowing you to be out in fresh air. Here are the 6 benefits proving cycling is a great cardio workout.

Build muscle and strength

Cycling improves muscles with low risk of over exercising or muscle strain. It builds strength in your hips thighs quads and calves. It doesn’t only strengthen your legs but it also defines all of your muscle by burning your body fat. More specifically, a single speed bike is also a great option for cardio and strength and if you shop around a bit, you can find the best single speed bikes under $500 that are both high quality and affordable.

Cycling will help lose weight

Cycling is a great way to lose weight. While biking as a means of transportation, you’re burning calories without being overly conscious on the cardio exercise. The reason is that while biking, your mind is distracted by focusing on heading to the destination and paying attention to your surroundings, unlike most cardio exercise which doesn’t provide any distraction from the effort put into it.

Builds stamina

Cardio exercise is endurance based and the more you do it, the better you will perform. Let’s say you bike 5 k to get to work every morning and every evening. It might seem impossible, but within a few weeks, you soon come to realize that it’s not as hard as it once was. The reason of this matter is that your body has changed to keep up physical requirements needed to complete this daily task. In this case, these changes are aimed to have more stamina.  Studies have shown that cycling to work can enhance cardiovascular fitness up to 7%. Cycling uses the large leg muscles which rises heart rate and increase stamina and fitness.

Builds relationship

Biking is even more enjoyable with a loved one. It is a perfect activity for couples to benefit from the outdoors and explore new areas. This brings something new to the relationship and also helps build a stronger bond. Also, couples have cycling dates since exercise release happy hormones and these happy hormones can influence happy moments. So if your partner is not at the same pace, slow down and enjoy each other’s company.

Easy on the joints

Cycling gets your legs working and your blood flowing without pounding on your joints which makes it easier on the ankle, knees, feet and legs. Since running has a pounding effect on your body, maybe biking would be a great alternative, since all motions are fluent. People from all ages and sizes can comfortably do some cardio exercise.

Great transportation

In terms of transportation, cycling is a great alternative to your car. Considering, that you can bike to work on time, you can enjoy your mornings and have a boost of energy once you get to work. Biking cuts corners when it comes to heading to your destinations. You can find the quickest path to go to where you need to go, without worrying about gas, parking ticket and traffic.


Cycling can fix many health related issues and can enhance physical performance but it isn’t limited to these factors. An improvement in overall health means more energy, more focus more confidence which will find its way to improve other aspects of your life. With that said, go on and take advantage of what your bicycle has to offer while the weather is nice!

7 Tips to Improve Your Cardio Workouts


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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #5dbae1;”]C[/dropcap]ardio is one of the fitness programs that is mostly frowned upon by individuals seeking to gain muscles fast who mostly prefer weight lifting sessions. There is a widespread believe that doing cardio is like wasting time and most people often slot in another weightlifting program instead.

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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #5dbae1;”]H[/dropcap]owever, in real sense, cardio is in fact necessary in any fitness program. In most cases, people shun cardio as they do not have the correct information on how to go about it effectively. Below are some helpful 7 Tips to Improve Your Cardio Workouts.


1. Choose a Cardio Exercise You will enjoy

It is in the human nature for one to lose interest in any activity that one had no interest in from the beginning. If you wish to start and ensure you maintain the same interest and efficiency of your cardio exercises, you should choose what you enjoy doing most. This will help you be consistent, focused and look forward to doing your cardio exercise without viewing them as a chore.

2. Having a Workout Buddy

If you have issues with finding motivation to being consistent to your cardio exercises, then you ought to find a workout buddy. This will ensure that both of you are motivated well as well as feel encouraged to go through your sessions together. This greatly eradicates the danger of missing out on your workouts and makes your workouts more fun.


3. Training Early Morning or after your weight training

In order for your cardio exercises to be as effective as you want them to be, it is important to understand the best time to arrange your training session. Most fitness experts recommend that cardio exercises ought to be carried out either early morning or after clearing a weight lifting session. This time is the best as your body will have consumed the energy you had taken in form of food and thus revert to utilizing the body fat, which is the secondary source of energy in the body.


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4. Train at a High Intensity

In order for the cardio exercise session to be more effective, ensure you kick in a high intensity type of training. Training for only 20 minutes or so could prove to have more benefits to your body than even taking sessions that last for an hour or so. High intensity training helps you burn more fat as well as saves you much valuable time to do other activities.


5. Switching Things Up

In order to make your cardio exercises not to become a routine which will eventually deem them monotonous, ensure you switch it up often. This will not only help you burn more calories in the end but will also ensure your progress will not become stunt. It would also be great if the body is kept guessing on the kind of machines or routines you would use on it in your cardio.


6. Incorporating your Cardio in between sets

If you are a weightlifter and often forget to do your cardio most of the time, you could be able to incorporate them in between your sets. Instead of making little chit chat in between your sets, you could perform your cardio exercises instead. You could either sprint or skip in between your weight lifting sets. This will increase your exercise intensity and generally add up to your gains being accelerated.


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7. Running on Sand

You could also switch from running uphill or running on a flat surface to running on sand to make your cardio more effective. This would work perfectly if you are near a beach as it would make your view beautiful hence adding some form of interest in your exercises. It will also be of great relief to your arches and joints.